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In China the worm was got from a brain of the man

In China the worm was got from a brain of the man
The parasite reached in length of 10 centimeters and was become alive after extraction from a human brain. In the Chinese city of Nanchang at the local have taken from a brain of a tape-worm. The South China Morning Post edition reports about it. The man at the age of 26 years has seen doctors with epilepsy attacks which tormented him several months. Physicians didn't manage to make the diagnosis at once. When the man has addressed to the central hospital of the region, to him have made MRT of a brain and have found in him a parasite. Surgeons have taken a 10-centimeter tape-worm of Spirometra mansoni. After that the parasite has survived and swam in a test tube. The worm taken from a brain (a photo: the Patient has told that he very much loves Maso with blood on a grill which according to doctors and became the infection reason. If not to process the infected meat long enough, eggs of helminths which are soaked up in a blood-groove get to an organism. Then the parasite lives in one of human organs. The day before in America the 10-year-old child has fallen face down on a skewer and has survived. Also the Correspondent wrote that in Vietnam the schoolgirl has become covered bloody then News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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