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In a covering of the Russian Union have found new traces from a drill – media

Traces from a drill are found not only in a household compartment, but also on the screen of antimeteoric protection. Experts have found
new traces of work as a drill in a covering of the Russian ship the Union which is docked to the ISS. TASS with reference to a source in space-rocket branch reports about it. According to him, traces from a drill are found not only in a household compartment, but also on the screen of antimeteoric protection. She covers the ship outside and is established in 15 mm from the tight case. Astronauts have carried out photo and video filming of a hole before closing up it. "During the analysis in these pictures traces of work as a drill and on the antimeteoric screen behind a hole have been found", – I have told a source. He has noted that the one who drilled the case, having passed him clear, has rested a drill head against external untight protection.

have shown the Dragon-2 Mask Spaceship without covering we Will remind, by the Russian spaceship the Union docked to the International Space Station have found an opening which has led to depressurization of the device. The priority version of Roskosmos is that Americans could drill purposely a hole in the case. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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