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In 2014 the fiscal service hasn't gathered additionally in the budget 20 billion UAH - Klimenko

In 2014 the fiscal service hasn't gathered additionally in the budget 20 billion UAH - Klimenko
The former minister has rigidly criticized activity of the head of the State Courier Service Igor Bilous. According to operational data which are at the disposal of the ex-minister of income and collecting Ukraine Alexander Klimenko in 12 months 2014 the Public fiscal service has collected 315,1 billion UAH from 334,8 billion UAH planned by the Ministry of Finance in a consolidated budget of Ukraine. From 51,6 billion UAH of the VAT planned to compensation payers were given 43,3 billion UAH, that is haven't returned to business 8,2 billion UAH. About it the former minister has written on the page on Facebook. According to Klimenko, tax payments in 2014 at the plan in 210,7 billion UAH 194,8 billion UAH, or 92,4% are collected. "Thus, the budget has received less taxes on the sum of 15,9 billion UAH. In comparison with 2013 the shortage has made 2 billion UAH", - he writes. On customs payments, according to him, the situation is also far from ideal: the shortage in 2014 has made 3,8 billion UAH (124,1 billion UAH were planned, 120,3 billion UAH are actually collected). "Total totally tax and customs nearly 20 billion UAH haven't gathered additionally in the budget! How do you think, this money would be useful, well I don't know, for example army? About health sector, educations and other "little significant" items of expenditure in a present situation I in general am silent …", - the ex-minister writes, adding that towards to business it isn't necessary to speak about steps of fiscal organl too especially: according to plans of the Ministry of Finance, for January 1, 2015 the state had to compensate to taxpayers 51,6 billion UAH of the VAT, but has compensated only 43,3 billion UAH or 84% of planned. "In December have probably forgotten about compensation at all: only 1,2 billion UAH (25%) at a resource of the Ministry of Finance of 4,9 billion UAH are compensated. Probably, sneaks needed to tighten the budgetary indicators so in December was not before business at all", - Klimenko emphasizes. At the same time he carries out comparisons with 2013. "If to compare with 2013, then Vlad's "zlochinna" has compensated to business at 10 billion UAH of the VAT more, than new, democratic. So, in 2013 to business 53,5 billion UAH of the VAT, in 2014 – 43,3 billion UAH have been compensated. The fact of partnership of the state and business is available. Even by bonds of the VAT it hasn't been compensated in full – from the allocated 7 billion UAH it is issued papers only on 6,8 billion", - the ex-official writes. Besides, according to Klimenko, a uniform sotsvznos who also brings together the State Courier Service following the results of 2014 pension and other social funds haven't got for the sum of 7,5 billion UAH (96% of implementation of the plan). "But I will be objective - in work of fiscal service there are, of course, also growth indicators. And just in the sphere of fight against shadow economy. Here efforts of sneaks just it is available", - he writes and provides data in 11 months 2014: - export of goods in offshore zones in a year has reached 650 million UAH (in January, 2014 I was for the sum of 72 million UAH); - with a growth of volumes of deliveries of goods (services) in the VAT for 18,9% payment of this tax in the budget remained at the average level - 6,9 billion UAH (is lower than average monthly indicators of 2013); - the shortage in the budget in a year has increased by 15,6 billion UAH, or for 83% (dost



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