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Ig Nobel Prize-2018: cannibalism and taste of a fly in wine

Ig Nobel Prize-2018: cannibalism and taste of a fly in wine
This year the scientists who have proved inexpediency of cannibalism and existence of taste of a fly in wine became winners. In the USA the 28th ceremony of delivery of the Ig Nobel Prize was held. The action has taken place in the Harvard university Theatre of Sanders. This year ten scientists who have forced people "to laugh in the beginning, and after have been awarded - to think". About it it is noted on the action website. In chemistry this year as the best recognized three researchers who have proved that human saliva cleans dirty surfaces at once. Scientists have compared the cleaning properties of saliva, white spirit, toluene, an isooctane and the diluted liquid ammonia. James Cole from the University of Brighton in Britain has got an award in the field of healthy food for the fact that he has proved too low caloric content of the person for cannibalism for the sake of livelihood at ancient people. He has found out that the caloric content of the average person was only 125 kilocalories - it is much lower, than the caloric content of the killed mammoth or bison. The group of the authors who have studied shouts and damnations of drivers on the road has got an award for the world. Experts have established that a stress of the driver, fatigue and personal features are the reasons of aggression. In the field of literature have celebrated the research about reading instructions conducted by Teja Blekler. She has proved. that men on average read instructions more often than women. At the same time elderly people do it to a thicket of young people. The Booker Prize called five best books in the field of economy scientists from Canada who have proved the sense of relief felt by the person when he scoffs at the voodoo doll representing them the boss were in the lead. In the field of biology the award was got by the Swedish scientists from Academy of agricultural sciences. They have proved that the person is capable to understand to taste of wine whether there was in him a fly. During the experiments the fruit front sight which makes a pheromone for attraction of males has been used. People called wine with visited it an insect "stronger and having stronger smell". The award on medicine was given to scientists of the University of Michigan. They could prove advantage of a roller coaster in removal of stones from kidneys. At the same time, according to scientists, success of "treatment" is influenced even by serial number of the car. Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov has been nominated for Sakharov's award. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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