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Вернидуб: I hope, this time good luck will be more favorable to us

Вернидуб: I hope, this time good luck will be more favorable to us
Yury Vernidub has commented on the forthcoming match of the Europa League against Leipzig. The head coach Zari Yury Vernidub has given an assessment to the rival - to Leipzig on the eve of the match of the Europa League. "The mood would be even better if have won on Sunday. But, unfortunately, haven't hammered. Prior to a game with Leipzig we had a little more time, nearly 4 days. I hope that children have managed to be restored and be prepared up to standard. All of us perfectly understand that the playoffs consist of two matches and there is a chance to get into group. Two times we already had such chance, but, unfortunately, twice we lost. At first have conceded in a return game to Feyenoord 4:3, having passed last seconds. It will be the third attempt. I hope that good luck to us will be this time more favorable. Though perfectly we understand that RB Leipzig – very strong and wealthy rival. I read an interview of the trainer of Leipzig Rangnik in which he said that they are faced by a task to take place further in the Europa League and to play successfully in the championship. We have said Gromova on the playoffs, but he will definitely not play in this meeting as he will work in the general group, most likely, since Friday. If manages to gain necessary standards, then will depart to Germany on a return game. According to the website Transfermarket, the total price of football players of club – 300 million. For us it something inaccessible. They have many good football players. As I understand, a vector of the direction of development of RB Leipzig – to buy up very talented young football players and then to untwist them and to sell. What they also do. Confirmation to it is their last transfer. The central midfielder of Keith has passed into Liverpool for 60 million. The rival has very good line of the attack – collections Poulsen, Verner, Augustin. The last was called in ranks of youth team of France so far, but very perspective. Plus very strong flanks – the player of Sweden national team Forsberg. There is very strong basic midfielder Kampl, the same to Demma. Defender Sarachchi. A dream of any trainer – to have such football players. But we have too enough children who I am able to play soccer and to be given in the field. I am confident in each of them! I hope that they will make everything tomorrow to give a gift to yourself and to fans and to beat club which much more richly and possesses excellent to football players", – Verniduba quotes the official site of Zari. Earlier Vernidub has commented on the budget of Leipzig with which will play in the playoffs of qualification of the Europa League on Thursday, August 23. Do you wish to learn the latest sports news the first? Subscribe for our canal in Telegram!



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