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How to choose the reliable builder

How to choose the reliable builder
The new filter on the MOON which helps to look for builders with experience of delivery of new buildings in operation. In the capital the construction boom proceeds 5 years — the city falls apart the whole residential districts. According to Head department of statistics in Kiev for 2017 1 734 000 sq.m of housing have been handed over. These are about 28 000 ready apartments that is 38% more than in 2016. According to the MOON in Kiev it is possible to buy the apartment in 296 housing estates including at a construction stage. Actually, it is not just purchase, and investment into future new building. She allows to get housing at the favorable price in comparison with the apartment in the ready house. But together with it, as well as any investment, it is accompanied by risks: the house can be leased with a delay or not hand over at all. To minimize the risks connected with construction first of all it is necessary to decide on the builder. How to choose the reliable builder? The answer can't be simple and unambiguous. The choice consists of many factors, but there are main signs of reliability which will help to narrow a search circle. The first what it is worth paying attention to — whether is at the builder already ready houses. Existence handed over houses is a positive experience which obviously increases possibly implementation of the following projects of the builder. According to the website Minfin in Kiev 29 builders have leased the houses in an eskpluatation in 2017. That is, except the five of the large and actively advertized developers, is about 30 more to which investors should pay attention. It gives broader understanding of the market — builders who lease houses much. The leased houses — an objective indicator. Especially for his check on the MOON the filter "there are ready houses" has been developed. In one click it is possible to sort builders who have put at least one house in operation. It much simplifies the choice at the first stages of search of the builder — it isn't necessary to look for information on everyone, everything is on the MOON. The filter shows 266 new buildings. That is 266 ZhK з 296v Kiev are under construction developers who answer the first parameter of reliability — have experience of commissioning of the building. Search of a new building for investment — difficult multi-stage process. The real estate market develops promptly, new players appear in it constantly, the choice of the reliable builder is very important. Use the special filter on the MOON to minimize risks — analyze experience of the builder and check whether he has houses put in operation.



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