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How much for to give birth to the child in Ukraine

Whatever deep was demographic crisis, Ukrainians seek for increase in family. The statistics shows that since the beginning of 2018 in Ukraine more than 195 thousand newborns were born. In what sum the project under the name "Child" can cost future parents what it is possible to refuse and what you shouldn't save on? From conception before childbirth Together with the decision to give birth to the child and two strips on the test to you the first expenses will come. On what will fixed assets leave?
needs to undergo full inspection that to life and health of your future kid nothing threatened. If the decision to get registered in the state clinic has been made, to services the package from basic analyses has included blood tests, urine, a calla. On each reception to the gynecologist it is necessary to buy a set of disposable tools. For such benefits of a civilization as ultrasonography, it is necessary to pay extra even in the state antenatal clinic – it costs about 100 UAH. In private clinic such service will cost 200-500 UAH. Obligatory analyses which will help to define possible risks of development of a fruit, genetic deviations, existence of the latent infections influencing pregnancy course and also many others in the state hospitals don't do. It is necessary to pay from 300 UAH for one analysis in private laboratory (at the same time it is necessary to make tests in different laboratories). In private clinics this process is considerably facilitated due to package inspections. Observation of the entire period of pregnancy in ISIDA (the first private maternity hospital in Ukraine, is open in 2004, since 1992 – the center in the sphere of a reproduction and genetics) makes 29 245 UAH and includes regular consultations of the obstetrician-gynecologist and other doctors, laboratory researches, diagnostics of TORCH, ultrasonography diagnostics. The basic program of observation of pregnancy from 6th week in private clinic of Adonis will cost 20 002 UAH; in Lelek's clinic – 26 970 UAH. An important factor is also existence of the modern medical equipment which is extremely important for diagnostics of any slightest deviation and ensuring the maximum comfort. Besides, in private clinics carry out obstetric screening, i.e. comprehensive assessment of development of a fruit. The cost of such service in ISIDA is 5977 UAH. From innovations: for today only in clinic of ISIDAEST the unique kvadro-test by which it is possible to define risks chromosomal anomalies at a fruit. In comparison with the previous protocols of screening the kvadro-test allows to define more precisely probability of chromosomal anomalies of development of a fruit and also to distinguish a preeklampsiya – a dangerous state at pregnant women which leads to a number of complications, both at mother, and at the kid. Total: from 1500 UAH/month. Childbirth In the state hospitals the official cost of childbirth fluctuates ranging from 5000 up to 18 000 UAH (apart from "gratitude" to doctors). Cesarean section is more expensive, than natural childbirth, for several thousands of hryvnias. Besides this sum, it is necessary to pay for additional bonuses, press



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