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How many rent and sale of apartments in the different districts of Kiev in May cost

How many rent and sale of apartments in the different districts of Kiev in May cost
Following the results of May the cost of square meter of secondary housing in Kiev fell a little, and here rent of apartments became slightly more expensive. The reason of the events is connected more likely with a seasonal factor, but not with changes in economy. The most expensive districts of Kiev according to analysts international argegatoraobyavleniye недвижимостè, the highest prices of apartments – in the Pechersky district of Kiev. In May rent/sale cost was here: · 1-roomed – ₴18 000 / $92 000; · 2-roomed – ₴25 000 / $127 000; · 3-roomed – ₴44 400 / $240 000. On the second place on quotations on housing Shevchenkovsky district which is considered prestigious too, but considerably concedes at the prices both of sale, and of hiring of housing. For example, one-room apartments cost twice cheaper here – their average cost is 45 000 dollars and in May it has dropped by 20%. The difference in the cost of hiring isn't so considerable and for one-room apartments is recorded within 40%. Goloseevsky district where buyers and tenants are waited by the following quotations of rent/sale closes top three: · 1-roomed – ₴12 000 / $40 500; · 2-roomed – ₴16 000 / $72 000; · 3-roomed – ₴22 500 / $105 000. The average level of the prices in the capital it is Fully possible to estimate a situation in the real estate market by means of average quotations in Kiev. In May the following cost of rent/sale of housing is recorded: · 1-roomed – ₴10 000 / $39 000; · 2-roomed – ₴16 000 / $63 080; · 3-roomed – ₴26 400 / $90 080. If to consider the prices of hiring, then, besides the listed above top three, quotations in other areas are noted already below averages. The situation with housing cost on sale looks approximately also. Only a prices for one-room apartments in the Dnieper district of the city which have appeared above average values on the city became an exception. The cheapest districts of Kiev the Most available apartments at cost are offered by the secondary real estate market of Svyatoshinsky and Desna districts. The prices are much lower than averages here. For example, in Desna it is possible to buy the three-room apartment for $50 000, that is is 55% cheaper, than on average in the city. The prices of two-room are 30% lower than averages, and on the most popular one-room – for 25%. At the cost of rent the same areas where the one-room apartment will cost 6-7,5 thousand hryvnias are most available, and for two-room it is necessary to give 7,5-10 thousand UAH.



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