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Have found an abnormal lithium star in space

Have found an abnormal lithium star in space
The star contains the highest amount of lithium from known for today. Scientists of the Chinese observatory have found a star. The group of astronomers of National astronomical observatory in China has found a star which contains abnormally high amount of lithium. Writes Tech2 about it. Until recently was considered that because of high temperatures of lities can't exist in deep layers of the atmosphere. And therefore, in hot red giants he is present only at very small amounts. In 1982 the first red giant comprising quite high amount of lithium has been found. Nakhodka contradicted the existing models of evolution of stars. In the next decades 150 similar celestial bodies in three of which the content of lithium (A) reaches 3,3 have been found. At the same time And reveals the attitude of amount of atoms of lithium towards amount of atoms of hydrogen of a star concerning the Sun expressed in a logarithmic scale. The star of TYC 429-2097-1 has the highest level of the lithium which is contained in her - And = 4,51. He is about one thousand times higher than standard values (And = 1,5). Scientists long time couldn't explain so high level of content of lithium in a star. As the most probable cause own production of lithium a star could serve. During studying of a celestial body and also thanks to results of modeling, it was succeeded to establish that this process provides the level of content of lithium in TYC 429-2097-1. Earlier it was reported that astronomers have found a star which can absorb other planets located around. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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