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Hamilton has won the Grand Prix of Hungary, Bottas has nearly beaten out Vettel

Hamilton has won the Grand Prix of Hungary, Bottas has nearly beaten out Vettel
Lewis Hamilton has quietly won a race before a summer break. The British pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton has won the Grand Prix of Hungary, having won the fifth victory in a season and the 67th in career. The start of a race was given quiet – Hamilton and Bottas have kept the leading positions, and here Sebastian Vettel has passed Kimi Räikkönen and was approved on the third position. Daniel Ricciardo who has managed after bad start to break through from the 16th place on the 6th was the most noticeable on the first piece to a race, and here his workmate Max Verstappen has descended because of problems with the motor. Considering that Mercedes started on UltraSoft whereas Vettel was on Soft, it is no wonder that Vettel delayed the first Pit stop and has gained in the middle of a race the lead, but the strategy of Ferrari hasn't worked as he was for circular and hasn't managed to win back necessary seconds. To that on a Pit stop Vettel had had problems with replacement of the left forward wheel because of what he has appeared behind two race cars of Mercedes. Long time Vettel was behind Bottas who constrained the German, allowing Hamilton to increase a separation from 11 to 20 seconds. Only for five circles Vettel has decided on the attack when they with Bottas were already caught up by Räikkönen. At the same time during the attack from outside Sebha Bottas, but was largely lucky Vettel. Vettel remained the second, Räikkönen has risen to the third place, and Bottas had also to do some fighting for the fourth position with Ricciardo. And here too overtaking from the Australian has come to the end with the fact that Bottas was cut off in him and has pushed out from the route. However, both remained in a race and on the last circle of Ricciardo has broken through on the 4th place. гонки:Кубок designers
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