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Hamilton has won the Grand Prix of France and has gained the lead the championship

Vettel and Bottas after accident on start have been forced to break from the last places. The Grand Prix of France has returned to the calendar of Formula One – for the first time since 1990 there has taken place here the race which has come to the end with Lewis Hamilton's victory. The tie of a race has occurred already in the first turn – Vettel well started, but in turn has touched Bottas therefore both have been forced to stop by in boxes. Vettel who has received a penalty in 5 seconds has been found guilty. Vettel and Bottas managed not to lose much on this first circle thanks to collision Died away also Okona that has led to safety car. As a result of an incident on start Lewis Hamilton not only has kept the first place, but also has kept him until the end of the race. Vettel and Bottas had to break from the last positions what the German coped better with. Long time on a virtual podium there were Verstappen and Riccardo from Red Bull, but tactics has allowed Räikkönen to be quicker than others in a race ending thanks to what to bypass Riccardo. Vettel finished only the fifth though at some point of a race even I was the third, but because of wear of tires has been forced to stop by in boxes. As a result of Seb I have passed in the overall ranking myself Hamilton forward. Read details of a race in our online. Personal offset you pilotovzhelat a constructors championship
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