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Hamilton has won the Grand Prix in Baku, Red Bull have faced among themselves

Hamilton has won the Grand Prix in Baku, Red Bull have faced among themselves
Lewis Hamilton has won the first stage in a year and has gained the lead following the results of a season. The defending champion of the world British pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton became the winner of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan which has taken place in Baku. Here only the course of development of a race didn't assume it at all. Already at the first circle of Windows and Sirotkin banish from the route after collisions with Räikkönen and Alonso, and safety car has come out to the route. In general for leaders nothing has changed and they conducted more tactical fight thanks to which Bottas without arrival to boxes was in the lead, he was followed by Vettel and Hamilton. Tactically tried to play rivals and pilots Red Bull – Riccardo and Verstappen conducted bright fight among themselves. Riccardo attacked Verstappen three times and from the third attempt has bypassed the workmate, but after arrival to boxes Max has appeared before Daniel again. As a result on direct start finish Verstappen, trying to hold Riccardo, I have several times replaced a trajectory that has led to collision and a descent both. The pivotal moment in Baku 💥

Ricciardo and Verstappen collide in dramatic fashion

of Recording a second double-DNF for Red Bull in three races#AzerbaijanGP 🇦🇿 #F1 — Formula 1 (@F1) on April 29, 2018. At this moment safety car thanks to which Bottas remained the first has come out to the route, Vettel was the second, and Hamilton the third, but has approached him Räikkönen. When up to the end remained circles 10, racers were going to resume fight, but in absolutely simple situation Roman Grosjean, warming up rubber, unexpectedly crashed into a wall... As a result the car of safety has left the route for four circles to the finish, but the madness of the Grand Prix on it hasn't ended. On restart Vettel was mistaken, and not only hasn't overtaken Bottas, but also has passed Hamilton and Räikkönen. Besides the German on braking has spoiled to himself rubber and has passed Sergio Pérez. Best of all Bottas was successful in restart, but he as a result hasn't reached to the finish – the racer has received a puncture of a back tire. Thus, Hamilton, and the second – Räikkönen became the leader. So they have also got the finish. Read details of a race in our online. Results you gonki:smotrit also the calendar, personal offset and the Constructors championship of a season-2018 of year in Formula One. Do you wish to learn the latest sports news the first? Subscribe for our canal in Telegram!



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