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Hamilton has won in Germany, having started with the 14th position, Vettel has broken a car

Hamilton has won in Germany, having started with the 14th position, Vettel has broken a car
The rain on the Grand Prix of Germany has made a stage interesting and unexpected. However, Hamilton for only 15 circles has risen in top-5, at quite quiet start. British Lewis Hamilton has won a fascinating victory on the Grand Prix of Germany, especially considering that after a mistake in qualification he started only the 14th. However, Hamilton for only 15 circles has risen in top-5, at quite quiet start where leaders have kept positions. Because of replacement of elements from a tail of a peleton Daniel Ricciardo, but as soon as he has broken through in top-10 had to rise, he has descended because of problems with the motor. The wave of Pit stop has allowed to come out on top to Räikkönen thanks to early arrival to boxes, but after Vettel's arrangements with team on radio, Kimi has received team to pass forward the leader of the championship. As for Hamilton, he to the last waited for the beginning of a rain, but hasn't waited and has gone behind ultrasoftware, and later a circle the rain has begun. All most interesting has from this point begun – the rain was weak that has allowed leaders to remain on slika. Only Verstappen has come for intermediate rubber, then has understood that the route dry, and the Dutch has again returned to boxes for slikam. And then there was a mistake of Vettel who on the wetted route hasn't kept on the route and has taken off for barriers, having broken a car. On the route safety car has appeared, on a Pit stop there has left Räikkönen that has allowed Hamilton and Bottas to come to 1-2 places. After leaving of the car of safety for 10 circles to the finish Bottas unexpectedly attacked Hamilton and has nearly passed the workmate. But in team have quickly contacted Bottas and have asked him to hold a position and not to touch Hamilton. It has allowed Lewis to win the German stage and to return itself leadership in the overall ranking. Räikkönen hasn't managed to impose to Bottas fight for the second place, having finished the third. In general the last circles after restart have passed quite quietly. All this situation with a rain has allowed to get to points to two race cars the Swagger of India and even to Markus Eriksson. Results of the Grand Prix of Germany: A constructors championship
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