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The berker S.1.oboznachayet "Standard" series from two points of view: on the one hand, because this series of switches established new standards concerning simplicity, functionality and temporariness. With another – it increased these qualities to the level of the recognized standard in construction of office and residential buildings. For this reason the switch of the berker S.1 series was awarded with the prizes iF-Award 2000 and Good Design Award 2001. Current trends of design of the dwelling and rooms of public appointment differ in the fact that a combination of the habitual and convenient equipment to the classical directions of finishing, can make the simplest room beautiful and modern. It is the so-called standard of our time. Thanks to the fact that in the European fashion for arrangement the direction on simplicity and good quality is inherent the German concern Hager released the whole series of products of the electrotechnical direction - berkerS.1. The collection of switches and berker S.1 sockets is the unique harmony of simple and clean lines complemented with perfect quality. Despite regularity, these products, undoubtedly, will draw special attention. As though a frame for a fine picture, the socket together with the switch perfectly look on the wall executed in monophonic style, however if to use multi-color execution, they not will also be lost sight. The main feature of berker S.1-is an opportunity to pick up a various framework from other berkerB.3 and berkerB.7 series. Thanks to the innovative modular concept, you can combine keys, the central inserts and a framework without change of the central mechanism. It is very convenient and economic function, for those who like to update often the interior and to add new accents. Unique and rather ordinary form of the products berker S.1 gives an opportunity to establish them in various stylistic variations of finishing of the room: from traditional and quiet classics to a defiant decor hi-tech. Mainly the attention of creators of the berker S.1 collection was drawn to quality: plastic is not affected by ultra-violet radiation, and it means that even in several years initial color of the berker S.1 socket or switch will remain invariable. In fact, this collection was and is one of the most unique. It has the user demand at rather extensive circle of consumers. And on it there are the cause: • simplicity in the address thanks to the modular concept, an energonomichnost and square shape;
• accurate forms are in harmony with any situation therefore various options of use are possible • the design is completely protected from hit of external moisture;
• the most different options of installation are possible, it can be vertical and horizontal installation;
• especially for safety of children the model with a cover and protection is produced. Are not less popular in berkerS.1 and switches of the most various design. They can be with one key, two and three that does possible their use for lighting fixtures with многокан



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