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GPS replacement. Ukraine in the satellite Galileo system

GPS replacement. Ukraine in the satellite Galileo system
The Ukraine's first RIMS station for reception of a signal will be established at the Kiev international airport of Zhulyana. Development of the European Galileo navigation system approaches a home straight. On July 25 have put the last satellites necessary for full work of system to orbit. Ukraine takes part in the project also. This year Ukraine and the EU plan to pass to a practical phase of partnership on Galileo. Коррепондент.net tells details. Konkuret of the American GPS Galileo is a joint project of satellite system of navigation of the European Union and the European Space Agency. Except EU countries China, Israel, South Korea and Ukraine participate in the project. One of the most important projects of the EU was started in 1999. Galileo will provide to Europe strategic independence of the USA which has made in 1983 public the system of geolocalization of GPS intended originally for military. Milestone event. Antonov's agreement with Boeing Today the American satellites can define the position nearly of each owner of the smartphone. But with a margin error to seven meters. The European competitor of GPS provides private and commercial users with navigation data of higher precision. On the website of ESA it is said that the accuracy of data is transferred with a margin error a maximum to one meter. In the paid version accuracy is promised in several centimeters. Such accuracy offers the prospects of further improvement of marine, land and air transport. Even prior to work of system in ESA called Galileo the best in the class. The first satellites have been installed in 2011. The system has been brought into operation in 2016. On July 25 this year the European carrier rocket Ariane 5 has put four satellites of the Galileo system to geostationary orbit. Now the European Galileo navigation system can be considered the real competitors of the American GPS who are almost completed and left in the category. Project cost of Galileo is estimated at ten billion euros. The number of the satellites launched into an orbit within the project is planned to be finished by 2020th year to 30, then at system at any time will be in a reserve six free. 24 satellites of the Galileo system are broken into three groups. Eight satellites of each group are installed equally spaced in three orbits located from the earth at a distance of 23 thousand kilometers. Others six are in an orbit on a case of breakage any of systems. Accuracy of geolocalization is guaranteed that each point on the planet is in "field of vision" of at least four satellites. Participation of Ukraine in Galileo Ukraine and EU have signed the cooperation agreement in the Galileo project in December, 2005 in Kiev. Ukraine ratified the agreement in 2007, the EU - fall of 2013. Measures for expansion of the European navigation covering EGNOS on the territory of Ukraine are carried out within implementation of the Agreement on association between Ukraine and the EU. Practical preparation for placement in Ukraine the control correcting RIMS station (Rangi



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