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Gerard Depardieu was noticed in Northern Korea

Journalists have noticed the actor Gerard Depardieu in a lobby bar of one of hotels of Pyongyang. He has refused communication with the press.
the Famous French actor Gerard Depardieu who has a few years ago obtained the Russian citizenship has arrived to North Korea. The French television has reported about it on Friday, September 7. On the video footage it is visible how Depardieu in sunglasses and in a blue shirt is in a lobby bar of the international hotel Yangakto located in Pyongyang. According to the media report, the actor has refused to communicate with journalists and "looked sad".

will pass on September 9 the actions dated for the 70th anniversary of formation of DPRK in Northern Korea. In Pyongyang there has to take place the big military parade. We will remind, earlier young French actress and the dancer has accused Depardieu of sexual harassments and rape. The actor doesn't admit the guilt. As it was reported, Depardieu has got in the list of undesirable persons in Ukraine. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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