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Games in God and deception of cancer. Who has received Nobel-2018

Games in God and deception of cancer. Who has received Nobel-2018
All Nobel Prize laureates are announced. The award on literature this year isn't presented because of sex scandal. Nobel on medicine: have deceived cancer Nobel Prize laureates on physiology and the medicine in 2018 was become James Allison and to Tasuk Hondze for "absolutely new principle" of therapy of oncological diseases. Scientists managed "to deceive" cancer cells and not to allow them to suppress immune reaction of an organism. It has made the real revolution in therapy and has formed the basis of the whole new class of medicines. Allison and Hondze have established "absolutely new principle of cancer therapy", it is told in the press release of the Nobel committee. "Epoch-making opening of these two winners became a turning point in our fight against cancer", - it is noted in the message. Scientists have developed essentially new approach to therapy of cancer, excellent from existing before radiotheraphy and chemotherapy which is known as "inhibition of chekpoynt (immune control points - an edition) " immunity cages. Write in English-speaking literature on this therapy that she "removes immunity from a brake". Researches of these two immunologists have led to emergence of a new class of anticarcinogenic medicines on the basis of the antibodies contacting proteins on a surface of lymphocytes, or cancer cells. The first such medicine, ипилимумаб - the antibody blocking CTLA-4 (a control point of immunity) has been approved in 2011 for treatment of a melanoma. The antibody against PD-1, Nivolumab, has been approved in 2014 against a melanoma, lung cancer, kidneys and some other types of cancer. The medicines developed on the basis of the techniques offered by Ellison and Hondze are already successfully applied in treatment of cancer patients. But even more drugs pass clinical tests now and will become available in the next years. In detail in material Have deceived cancer. For what have given Nobel on medicine. Nobel on physics: the fantastic laser the Nobel Prize on physics was awarded to three researchers for achievements in the field of laser optics. To American Artur Ashkin - for the laser tweezers applied in biology. To Gerard Moore from France and to Donna Strickland from Canada - for a method of receiving the ultrashort optical impulses increasing the power of lasers. The laser or optical tweezers invented in 1987 move substances by means of light - the laser bunch of a special form takes separate cages and even atoms. Unlike usual tweezers which were used before cages aren't damaged. "Artur Ashkin has realized the dream, having created a light trap. So the science fiction has become a reality", - it is said in the press release of the Nobel committee. By means of these tweezers it is even possible to move the objects located behind an impenetrable barrier in case it is transparent for light. To perform operations on cages it is even not obligatory to open a cellular cover. It is possible to move something in a cage directly through this cover. Knowledge gained thus scientists is used for development of drugs and fight against diseases. Have received the second part of an award



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