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From God of War to Forza Horizon 4. The best games of year

The sums up the game results of 2018: for the sake of what gamers bought PlayStation 4. In 2018 there were many good games - from a multipleerny action of Battlefield 5 to atmospheric Red Dead Redemption 2. The tells about five best games of 2018, based on estimates of gamers and responses of critics. Battlefield 5 Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: Platform EA Dice: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Genre: The action, shooter is Still considered the most technological game among shooters. Gamers of the whole world admire unique graphics and physics of destruction in a game which actions happen at the time of World War II. Metro, Fallout, Cyberpunk. And 25 more top games E3 B Battlefield 5 there was an opportunity to change appearance of the fighter, to personalize weapon and transport. Battles will take place on huge locations with spectacular destructions of buildings. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment Developer: Ubisoft Montreal of the Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Genre: Adventures, RPG of Action of a new part occur in Ancient Greece. Added more long branches of dialogues, the choice of a sex of the character on whom some subject details and also more spectacular battles depend to a game. The player is waited by the new, covered with secrets plot with interesting quests, the worked game world, parkour and even sea fights. Forza Horizon 4 Publisher: Microsoft Studios Developer: Playground Games, Turn 10 Studios of the Platform: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One Genre: Races Developers please gamers with a new part of the Horizon series each two years. Forza surprised 2018 all. For the first time the mechanics of change of season appeared in a racing game. And change of summer changes in the winter not only an external environment, but also the nature of behavior of cars. Forza Horizon 4 also caused a stir in the number of cars - more than 450 copies that is five times more, than the competitor has Need For Speed Payback.

of Red Redemption 2 Publisher: Rockstar Games Developer: Platform Rockstar Studios: PlayStation 4, Xbox One Genre: A western Gamers waited for a game seven years, and as it appeared, is justified. Each detail in a game is worked out to trifles - from mechanics of behavior of a horse before process of growth of a beard for the main character. It is possible to interact with each resident of the village - whether it be the ordinary inhabitant, the skirmish with whom can lead to a duel or the cat passing by who can be stroked. The plot of a game rotates Artur of Morgan around - the typical bandit of the Wild West who unsuccessfully robbed bank and is forced to disappear now. A variety of a gameplay is boundless - the player can both perform subject tasks, and to drink in local bar. On the aggregator of reviews Metacritic a game gained 97 points - at the moment it is the most vysokotsennenny game. From gamers a game got only 7.9 points - due to the lack of the version for the personal computer.
of God Of War Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Developer: Santa Monica Stu



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