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Fifteen best movies on the Christmas's eve

The best movies of all times for creation of the New Year's and Christmas atmosphere on these holidays. The picked up the best movies for creation of the atmosphere on New Year's and Christmas holidays. The apartment, 1960 the Tragicomedy, Billey Wilder Ten best movies of 2017 the Touching story of the relations of the ordinary clerk and girl lift attendant which work in one firm. At first sight, these two have no chances to be together, however as a result of a number of tragicomic events everything is allowed in the best way. After the exit to screens the Apartment made extreme commercial success, having brought 25 million dollars of profit. It was nominated for the Oscar in ten nominations and won in and, including in the nomination the Best movie. The picture is included into the list of 100 best American movies in 100 years according to the American institute of motion picture art. The authoritative British edition Independent called the Apartment the best Christmas movie of all times and the people. Takes the 108th place in the rating of 250 best movies of all times according to IMDb. Evenings on the farm near Dykanka, 1961 Kinoskazka, Alexander Rowe the Gogol Christmas classics removed by "the master of the film fairy tale" Alexander Rowe. The screen version of the story Night before Christmas, narrates about the smith Vakule who for the love of the beauty Oksana, rich Kozak Chuba's daughter, saddled the devil to get the girlfriend of a cherevichka of the queen straight from the capital - St. Petersburg. The batman comes back, 1992 Fantastic fighter, Tim Burton the Fascinating Christmas atmosphere in contrast gloomy scenery of Gotham. The main antagonists of Betmen - the legendary Catwoman and Pingvin whose role is played by magnificent Michelle Pfeiffer and Denis De Vito. Eight women, 2001 Christmas musical, Francois Ozon narrates the Plot about family which gathers in the big house for the celebration of Christmas and finds the head of family the killed. Daughters, sisters, grandmothers and servants remain locked in the house, suspecting each other of crime, accusing and justifying oneself by means of song and dancing scenes. The provocative director Francois Ozon for each of eight beauties prepared the musical subject which were created by the composer Krishna Levi, and for the audience - absolutely unexpected final. Morozko, 1964 Kinoskazk, Alexander Rowe One more masterpiece of "the master of film fairy tales" Rowe based on the Russian national fairy tales. The cult director Steven Spielberg said that the movie by Morozko was a forerunner of many film masterpieces of Hollywood. And at the Cannes Film Festival the movie получл the Grand Prix. The fairy tale tells about the kind girl Nastenka whom the angry stepmother forced to work, without giving a prodykha. Once she decided to get rid of the stepdaughter and sent that to freeze to the winter forest. In the same regions there lived a fellow Ivan. He fell in love with Nastenka and here he was only a big boaster therefore the forest sorcerer also turned it into a bear.

I to Nastenka, and Ivan had to pass through many tests before linking lives. Also helped them



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