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Extra solar object of planetary weight with magnetic field is found

Extra solar object of planetary weight with magnetic field is found
Initially an object has been registered in 2016 as one of brown dwarfs in whose studying VLA is engaged. Scientists by means of the VLA telescope have recorded an object of planetary weight outside Solar system. As reports Naked science, the mass of an object exceeds the mass of Jupiter by 12 times, he has very powerful magnetic field. Besides, an object is "derelict", that is, travels in space, without being tied to any star. An object has received the name SIMP J01365663 0933473, it has magnetic field by 200 times more powerful, than magnetic field of Jupiter. Initially he has been registered in 2016 as one of brown dwarfs in whose studying VLA is engaged. It is very difficult to measure the mass of brown dwarfs therefore then an object was counted as old and much more massive representative of this class of objects. Last year researchers have established that an object belongs to group of very young stars. It meant that an object was much less massive and that it quite could be freely floating planet – by only 12,7 times massivny and with a radius of 1,22 times more than Jupiter. Age in 200 million years and at distance of 20 light years from Earth, an object has surface temperature in 825 degrees Celsius. For comparison, the surface of the Sun has about 5500 degrees Celsius. At the same time the team of Kaltekh which has initially registered a radio emission in 2016 observed him again, during the new research, on much higher radio frequencies, and has confirmed that magnetic field of an object was even stronger, than was considered initially. Observations of VLA have provided, both the first radio detection, and the first measurements of magnetic field of an object of presumably planetary weight outside Solar system. Gregg Hallinan from Kaltekh has said that such powerful magnetic field raises new questions for our understanding of the dynamic mechanism making such fields in brown dwarfs and exoplanets and also shine on them. Earlier scientists have defined exact distance to the Pole star. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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