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Explosion of a warehouse of ammunition in Ichna. Online broadcasting

Explosion in Ichna in ammunition warehouses online
In the Chernihiv region mass evacuation has begun. Explosions of different intensity and the fire under the city of Ichnya continue. Near the city of Ichnya of the Chernihiv region there was an explosion on the technical territory of the Sixth arsenal of the Ministry of Defence. From a zone of possible defeat evacuation of the population is organized. From a zone of possible defeat evacuation of the population is organized. Корреспондент.net watches events in Ichna online. In Ichna explosions of ammunition: text online broadcasting 10.50 Journalists have remembered that residents of the Chernihiv region were afraid of possible explosions of weapon warehouses in Ichna after the tragedy in Balakley and Kalinovke of Vinnytsia region still a year ago. Then I focused attention on it the vice speaker of parliament Oksana Syroid. She noted that residents of the Chernihiv region asked her to transfer the message to the president about danger of the neighbourhood with ammunition warehouses. 10:40 mass media report that as a result of explosions on the sixth arsenal of AFU in Ichna of the Chernihiv region the local milk plant on which powdered milk and oil was produced has burned down. The known plant of the Ichnya condensed milk hasn't suffered, but production on him is stopped. 10:30 In the General Staff have announced reduction of intensity of explosions in a warehouse near Ichnya. "As of 9:00 in the morning the intensity of explosions has considerably decreased, observed smoke. Explosions of ammunition to shooting arms rattle. Civil residents of the area were evacuated to settlements Irzhevets, Parafiyevk and Ivangorod", - it is said in the statement. 10:20 we Will remind, on May 3 this year in the largest warehouse of ammunition of Ukraine near the city of Balakley I have occurred поар. Then planned explosion of shells came out from under control, having caused an unplanned series of explosions. At the same time, in March of last year the fire in this warehouse has led to explosions of shells, about 20 thousand people are evacuated from adjacent territories. Have as a result died one woman, some more people have been injured. In detail about explosions in warehouses of ammunition. 10:10 In warehouses near the city of Ichnya of the Chernihiv region there are about 88 thousand tons of ammunition, rescuers have reported. According to GSChS, as of 9:00 in the territory of a warehouse the fire and explosions with different intensity is observed. About 12 thousand people are already evacuated from a zone of possible defeat, 23 buses are involved in evacuation. Information on the victims and victims didn't arrive. 10:00 Military prosecutor's office of the Central region has begun criminal proceedings on explosions of ammunition on an arsenal near the city of Ichnya under the article of the Criminal code "Negligent attitude of the military official to service if it has entailed heavy consequences, made in the conditions of the special period, except martial law". Punishment - imprisonment for a period of five up to seven years. The group of military prosecutors headed by the military prosecutor of the Central region works at the scene. Pre-judicial investigation is entrusted to investigative department of Management of the SSU in the Chernihiv region. Procedural management is performed by military prosecutor's office Chernihiv гар



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