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Experts have made the plan of colonization of the Red planet

Experts have made the plan of colonization of the Red planet
According to plans of the Swiss scientists, the first piloted mission has to after come back to Earth. The group of the Swiss scientists has made the plan for colonization of Mars. According to plans of experts, the first piloted mission nevertheless has to after come back to Earth. Writes Discover about it. The detailed plan describes process of flight to Mars, establishments of the camp and also creation among which would be suitable for life of people throughout a long time. To begin to plan a mission for colonization scientists will be able after adopt this plan. However on his embodiment many years will be required. And therefore this plan is rather a formulation of strategy. The first task during creation of colony is detection of the suitable place on the planet. It has to be the most suitable for survival of the person. And first of all, places where large reserves of ice are concentrated are considered here. Is taken into account at the choice of a point and existence of other useful resources, in particular - carbon dioxide, iron, aluminum, sulfur and silicon. However these resources won't be available to colonists at once. And therefore it is initially planned to send to Mars of robots which will be able to prepare everything before arrival of people. Earlier it was reported that scientists have come to a conclusion about impossibility of transformation of Mars and creation of the environment for dwelling of the person. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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