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Exotic wedding with Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder soon at movie theaters

Film premieres of week what movies to watch at movie theaters of Ukraine?
The chief prime ministers of cinema in Kiev and Ukraine in a week on August 27 - on September 2. The comedy "Exotic Wedding" and animation "In search of the Yeti" Since August 30, 2018 at cinema it is possible to look at six new premieres: the comedy "Exotic Wedding" in leading roles - Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder, the Ukrainian fantastic film "Bobot and Energy of the Universe", the animation movie "In search of the Yeti", the biographic drama by the director Gus Van Sant "Don't worry, he far won't leave", the French comedy with Vincent Cassel and Isabelle Adjani "Swindle in French", the horror film "Angrily". "An exotic wedding" Comedy "Exotic Wedding" / photo: Genre: comedy Director: Victor Levin Actors: Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder has invited her to a wedding the former groom, him are a stepbrother. At each of them the plans for this celebration. So, having arrived to a wedding, Lindsay wants to put at last the end to the relations, and Frank is forced to arrive to a wedding though hated, but nevertheless the relative. Both appear on one plane, then in the taxi, surprisingly, but their numbers - in the neighbourhood and at Lindsay and Frank's holiday table sit down nearby. The similar company already rather has bothered both it, and him, but there is no exit and the wedding only begins …. "Bobot and energy of the Universe" "Bobot and energy of the Universe" / photo: Genre: fantasy Director: Maxim Ksenda Aktery: Taras Shevchenko, Arsen Shavlyuk, Vladimir Rashuk the Main character - the 12-year-old boy dreaming of adventures. Soon he appears in the center of opposition of unearthly forces which skillfully mask under ordinary people. The boy is fated to become the savior of mankind from aggressors of Earth. The movie was already called "a travel of the transformer box", more than a half of a tape is removed by means of computer graphics. "In search of the Yeti" "In search of the Yeti" / a photo: Genre: animation Director: Nancey Florence Sevard of Aktery: Guillaume Lemaille-Tivierge is a Private detective Nellie Mala and the assistant to the anthropologist Richard Picard we are obsessed with the idea to prove to mankind that the Yeti not of an invention, and the living being. To researchers pay a travel and they move off in searches of the Yeti. But, how to get on to two absolutely different people: to the unorganized, but brave girl and scrupulous guy? It is necessary to go on compromises for the sake of achievement of a common goal. To find the Yeti him records in coded the diary of the mysterious traveler have to help. On the way couple meets the conductor of Tengiz and a talkative birdie of Jasmin. "Don't worry, he far won't leave" "Don't worry, he far won't leave" / a photo: Genre: biographic drama Director: Gus Van Sant Aktery: Joaquin Phoenix, Jonah Hill, Rooney Mara Premyera of a tape has taken place in June of this year. The main character - John Callahan, the young active and cheerful young man. He has got used to live to the full extent, without thinking of the future, without looking back at the past. So far once has no an accident which turns the 21-year-old man into the disabled person. Now Jonah it is necessary for N



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