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Exchange rate for October 11: the hryvnia was strengthened

Exchange rate for October 11: the hryvnia was strengthened
The NBU slightly strengthened hryvnia exchange rate. Dollar exchange rate on Mezhbank to purchase decreased on October 10. The National Bank of Ukraine established on Thursday, October 11, official rates of currencies at the level: – 100 US dollars – 2 800,2897 (-7,8543 UAH); – 100 euros – 3 220,3332 hryvnias (9,2205 UAH). According to, dollar exchange rate in the interbank foreign exchange market on Wednesday in purchase decreased by one kopek, and on sale remained at the level of the previous trading day – for 8 kopeks, up to 28,01-28,04 UAH. The quotations of euro grew in purchase by 14 kopeks, and on sale - for 16 kopeks, up to 32,20-32,24 UAH. The Ukrainian business gave the currency forecast for 2019 we Will note, the International Monetary Fund assumes decrease in average annual hryvnia exchange rate to 28,655 for dollar in 2019. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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