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Eclipse of the Moon and opposition of Mars. As it was

Eclipse of the Moon and opposition of Mars. As it was
On July 27 there will be a unique phenomenon - the lunar eclipse will coincide with a favorable opposition of Mars. Both phenomena will pass in at one time and in one point in the sky. Residents of Ukraine will see on July 27 an eclipse of the Moon and opposition of Mars. These two astronomical phenomena quite rare - the lunar eclipse will be the most long since the beginning of 21 centuries, and the favorable opposition of Mars takes place each 15-17 years. The shows and tells details about the unusual astronomical occurrences. Broadcast of a lunar eclipse in Ukraine: Video broadcast of an eclipse of the Moon: A lunar eclipse online with comments in English: The historical lunar eclipse When our planet appears between the Sun and the Moon, standing in the row, the shadow of Earth falls on the satellite that is called a lunar eclipse. At this moment of Long gains rubiginous color therefore she is called still "bloody". Such visual effect arises when sunshine pass on a tangent to the land surface and dissipate in the atmosphere of Earth, partially reaching the Moon. The terrestrial atmosphere is most transparent for a red-orange part of a light spectrum therefore only reach a surface at an eclipse. Nitrogen in her absorbs white sunlight and disseminates it in a blue range. For this reason the sky becomes blue, and the Sun seems yellow. The shade of "the bloody Moon" will be depends on degree of impurity of the atmosphere. In Ukraine the phase of a total lunar eclipse will come on July 27 at 23:21. In total the lunar eclipse - from the first to the last phase - will continue on July 27 three hours 55 minutes. The lunar eclipse on July 27 in Ukraine (time across Greenwich) is better to Observe an eclipse of the Moon outside the city, far away from light of city fires. Unlike a solar eclipse to look at "the bloody moon" absolutely safely. At the same time on July 27 will occur both partial, and a total lunar eclipse. The partial eclipse will precede full and will begin at 22:30. And after end of a total eclipse (which will last 1 hour 43 minutes) partial will be observed again. The general duration of the astronomical phenomenon will be 3 hours 55 minutes. Entirely the eclipse can be seen almost in all parts of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Australia. During an eclipse on July 27 the Moon will look less usual as an orbit of our satellite not absolutely round. The favorable opposition of Mars In the night of July 28 will take place one more extremely rare event - connection of the Moon and Mars. At the same time, on the most rare coincidence Mars in day of an eclipse will pass a point of a favorable opposition with the Sun. This phenomenon can also be observed with the naked eye on the open area. The moon will so deeply plunge into Earth shadow that its brightness will be several times less, than at Mars. Both heavenly bodies will have a reddish shade. Bloody Moon and favorable opposition of Mars: how to find in the sky On the most short distance Earth Mars will approach on July 31 - on 57,6 million kilometers. It approximately in 15



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