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Dynamo – Slavia: announcement of a match

Dynamo – Slavia: announcement of a match
The Kiev Dynamo will try to get the permit in the playoffs a round of qualification of the Champions League in repeated opposition with the Prague team. The Kiev Dynamo today, on August 14, within the 3rd qualification round of the Champions League will play in Kiev against the Prague Slavia. Kiev residents haven't managed to hold an exit victory in the first match, having passed with a penalty in extra time, but the exit draw leaves more chances of pass to a round of the playoffs of qualification of the Champions League to Khatskevich's wards. The duel won't be a lung – Slavia in the first match "has shown teeth". Czechs were mistaken in defense not so often and in other lines acted rather convincingly. The most experienced Stokh has once again confirmed the high qualification so Dynamo members need to be extremely attentive with this football player. In the championship of the Czech Republic Slavia goes without defeats and at the weekend has minimum beaten Sigma whereas Dynamo because of transfer of a match with Mariupol has had an opportunity purposefully to prepare for a duel of the Champions League. Realization of scoring chances was and so far remains the main problem in a game of Kiev residents. There is no replacement to Artem Besedin by an edge of the attacks. Actually in case of force majeure only Nazariy Rusin can replace Besedin and competitors Tsygankova and Verbicha on a position of vinger look not so impressively. Anyway, no other result, except passing of the Czech barrier to Dynamo can be. Slavia at the first meeting has proved to be strong collective, but not innocent. The opponent for certain will have mistakes also in Kiev, and business of Dynamo members them competently to dispose. Of course, and the dry draw will suit Khatskevich's team too, however hardly owners Olympic will rely on such succession of events. The class of Dynamo after all is higher, and now this should be proved on the football field. To Kiev residents it quite on forces. Approximate structures: Dynamo: Quickly — Kendzera, Wish-wash, Kadar, Morozyuk — Sidorchuk, Garmash, Buyalsky — Tsygankov, Verbich — Besedin Slaviya: Коларж — Koufal, Ngado-Ngadzhi, Delhi, Borzhil — Souchek, Hyusbauer — Stokh, Sykora, Zmrgal — Skoda we Will add that the starting whistle of a match of Dynamo - Slaviya will sound at 19:30 on the Kiev time. On our website there will take place broadcast of a match of Dynamo text online – Slaviya. It is also already known who will play in LCh playoffs round with the winner of couple of Dynamo – Slaviya. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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