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Dogs understand what is told them by the person – scientists

The American scientists during the experiment have learned about ability of dogs to perceive human language.
of the Dog can distinguish words from pseudo-words. The American scientists have come to such conclusion, Frontiers in Neuroscience writes. Researchers have conducted by
a FMRT-experiment (Functional magnetic resonance imaging – an edition) in which 12 dogs have participated. They learned to show regarding, hearing his name. As dogs simple voice commands are capable to perceive
, scientists have assumed that animals can in the principle perceive human language.
So, placed a dog in the scanner, and the owner faced her and read words from the screen. Some of them were familiar to an animal, others aren't present, or were pseudo-words.
as a result has become clear that when processing pseudo-words the activity of a brain of dogs has been increased in a temporal and parietal share. It means that animals can distinguish the known words from unknown. we Will remind
, earlier it was reported that dogs are able to distinguish emotions of owners. Besides, scientists have disproved the myth that at dogs higher I.Q., than at other animals. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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