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Disney has presented a shot from new Mullan

Disney has presented a shot from new Mullan
The photo has been published from shooting of the feature eponymous film. Production of a tape only started. The film company Disney has published the picture from shooting of the feature film Mullan. In the photo the featured actress in an image of the heroine is depicted. Writes Buzzfeed News about it. The heroine Mullan is played by Chinese woman Liu Ifei. On a photo she is depicted in a red attire with we throw in hands. At the same time the characteristic pose of the girl repeats a pose from the eponymous animated film. It is also known that the film studio officially declared start of shooting. They will pass in China and New Zealand. Niki Caro will act as the director of a picture. The full-length eponymous animated film Mullan has been released by Disney studio in 1998. He tells a story of the girl which, having dressed up as the man, goes with other soldiers to a dangerous campaign. Earlier it was reported that the trailer of the new movie about the Nutcracker from Disney studio has appeared. Keira Knightley and Morgan Freeman act in the movie. Final trailer of the movie Weng Nowosti from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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