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Destroyer of myths. Popular councils Suprun

Uniform norms on water consumption in day can't be as it is necessary to consider specific features of an organism. The Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun regularly in the Facebook dispels widespread myths and gives advice as it is correct to watch over health. Not all lectures of the minister get a response from users. And by results of a recent sociological research, Suprun was the politician whom Ukrainians treat worse, than the others. Корреспондент.net remembers the most popular councils of Suprun. There is an ice cream at a sore throat If the throat hurts, doctors usually recommend to drink a lot of warm liquid, to rinse hydrochloric solution and to avoid some spicy and sour food. "Unexpectedly, but you can add one more option for easing of pain - to eat cold food", - Suprun has written. According to her, cold ice cream and the frozen fruit juice work as anesthetic that inflammation helps to calm and to give temporary relief of pain. "Cold stimulates narrowing of vessels and tonsils therefore preserves inflammatory processes in a throat. Besides, when there is hypostasis in a throat, it is very heavy to eat usual products. The small portion of ice cream helps to reduce pain and facilitates process of swallowing of food", - Suprun has added. She has specified that it is important to choose natural ice cream with the minimum quantity of additives as pieces of chocolate, nutlets, raisin or other sugar ingredients can cause irritation. Or it is possible to choose usual fruit juice without any additives. It is important to eat slowly, without swallowing big pieces, and after - to rinse a throat water. To go at back pains the Most important at back pain - to keep physical activity as far as it is possible and to continue to carry out physical exercises. Statistically, the probability of a repeated attack of pain is about 30 percent. Inactive way of life increases probability of a recurrence, Suprun says.

Before starting performance of exercises, it advises to define type of pain and the recommended exercises for its simplification. VSD doesn't exist Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system or neurocirculator dystonia is a big Soviet myth which was born in the absence of access to base of sources of evidential medicine, Suprun says. "Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system can't be a disease in itself. She arises again, as a result of other disease which it is necessary to treat. And it is impossible to reveal her, having just made the diagnosis to VSD", - she has written. According to her, symptoms at which make the diagnosis to VSD can speak about several various diseases which need to be found after a number of basic researches Therefore if on appointment the patient with these symptoms or comes with already made diagnosis of VSD, it means only one - he needs to be doobsledovat and found the real cause of illness. "The list of additional methods of inspection has to include the general blood test and urine, biochemical blood test,



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