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Dark scheme. As Chrome secretly collects data

Google promises what in the following version of the browser won't break confidentiality of users. Have found not announced function which automatically authorizes users without their permission in Google Chrome. If the user comes on any of Google services, then automatically will undergo authorization in the browser. It will allow to synchronize data of users between Chrome and other products of the company and also to transfer all history of visits to their servers. The expert in the field of cryptography Mathew Green in the blog a post Why I has refused Chrome has written that the dark Internet scheme designed to mislead users. Корреспондент.net tells details.
the Chrome Updating After updating to the version 69 the browser of Google became not only slower, but also has threatened privacy of users. In the previous versions Chrome given the user, for example, his history of search, a bookmark and passwords, were synchronized only when the user has decided to log in in the account and agreed to information transfer. After updating authorization in the account happens automatically after connection to any of numerous Google services, for example, to Gmail or YouTube. At this Chrome doesn't show a warning of connection to the account. Whether to trust the user. iOS 12 secretly collects data the Google Sync System allows users to become authorized in Chrome by means of accounts and to synchronize data of the browser (history, passwords, bookmarks) with servers of Google. The Chrome technologies manager Adrianna Porter Felt has explained that such system protects users who use the same device with other person. It is about a situation when the person has used the computer and there was any Google service, for example, Gmail, believing that he together with it razloginitsya in the Chrome browser. But, if it hasn't occurred, then the following user of the same computer will accidentally get access to personal data of the previous user, including his accounts with passwords on social networks.
the Dark Internet scheme Innovation has caused discontent of users who are afraid of loading of history of search on servers of the company. Presumably, having connected Sync with the services, Google will be able to control actions of users on the Internet of irrespectively used devices. It simplifies a task of more exact comparison of activity to preferences on the basis of which it is possible to create more relevant advertizing. Nevertheless engineers have assured that automatic authorization doesn't start process of synchronization of local data with servers of Google - for this purpose the user has to permit. Besides, an exit from any service also means an exit from Chrome. The expert in the field of cryptography Mathew Green has assumed that such system will lead to the fact that users will mistakenly give the consent to synchronization, having added that before changes they needed to enter the personal data, and then to authorize their processing. Now, on



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