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Dangerous task with Daniel Radcliff soon at movie theaters

Film premieres of week what movies to watch at movie theaters of Ukraine?
The chief prime ministers of cinema in Kiev and Ukraine in a week on August 13-19. A fantasy "Axel" and the drama thriller "Dangerous Task" Since August 16, 2018 at cinema it is possible to look at five new premieres: the fantastic movie "Axel", the British family movie "Patrick", the drama thriller with Daniel Radcliff "A dangerous task", the drama of coproduction of Ukraine, France and Iceland "The mountain woman: In the war", French horror film "Those That Have Survived". "Axel" the Movie Axel in movie theaters / photo: Genre: fantasy Director: Oliver Daley Actors: Alex Nyustadter, Becky Dzhi the Fantastic film about the teenage motorcyclist by the name of Miles who finds the huge hi-tech military A-X-L robot dog once. At a dog though piece intelligence, but kind "live" heart. For this reason after the guy helps the wounded robot, the last becomes attached to the boy that isn't pleasant to Axel's "parents" at all - the scientist. To protect the friend for whom the real hunting is developed Miles enters hard fight against military and the creator of a dog doctor Edrik. With it he will be helped by the beloved - Sara. Patrick Movie of the Patrick / photo: Genre: family Director: Mandy Fletcher Aktery: Ad Skreyn, Jennifer Saunders, Gemma Jones At the teacher Sara the same problems, as well as at most of ordinary British women for this reason she stands out nothing from the crowd: the strip is white, a strip black. Now in Sara's life the last prevails. Most of all woman wants rest. But not everything turns out as there is a wish... The grandmother gives to Sara the spoiled Patrick's pug. The dog is so gluttonous that eats everything that will meet on the way. Patrick continually spoils to Sara life, constantly puts her in an awkward situation. But perhaps the shkodlivost of a dog will turn the girl's life to the best? "A dangerous task" Movie Dangerous task / photo: Genre: drama thriller Director: Yesper Ganslandt Aktery: Daniel Redkliff, Grace Gammer, Pablo Schreiber the Pilot of the American airlines Sean Haggerti is engaged in illegal side jobs, transporting drugs through border of the USA. Thirst of a profit moves him not just - have found a dangerous disease in the wife and the operation costing considerable money is necessary. Haggerti decides to transport last time freight and to earn on treatment of the beloved. It is necessary to him to one, staying on the small plane, to deliver freight there where will tell Cartel or to continue cooperation with Management on fight against drug traffic. Legalists promise to perform on the pilot's wife free operation in case of cooperation, but how to arrive, mafia already holds of Sean's wife hostage? "Mountain woman: In the war" Movie "Mountain woman: In the war" / photo: Genre: drama Director: Benedict Erlingsson Aktery: Galldoura Geyrkhardsdoutter, Yogann Sigurdarsson, Elena Lavrenyuk the Movie - the prize-winner of the Cannes Film Festival for the best musical registration. The tape narrates about 50-year-old Challahs



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