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Corrected the Windows 10 updates it became available

Corrected the Windows 10 updates it became available
Now the bug with removal of files is eliminated. Repeated distribution of updates has begun. The Microsoft company has announced correction of the bug causing removal of files in the last update of Windows 10. By the present moment repeated distribution of updates has begun. About it it is noted in the official blog of the company. "We have studied all messages about loss of data, identified and have corrected all known problems and have in addition carried out an internal inspection", - the head of department of development, service and distribution of Windows John Keybl has said. He has also noted that the number of complaints among the users who have received updating was very low - an order of a one hundredth part of one percent. It is known that updating deleted files from the folder my documents. One of users has lost information volume in 220 GB. Earlier it was reported that new updating of the Windows 10 operating system has caused removal of files. News отв Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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