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Competitor of YouTube. New application of Instagram of IGTV

Competitor of YouTube. New application of Instagram of IGTV
Through IGTV it is possible to load videos duration to an hour. He will work by the principle of the TV. Instagram adds function of loading of vertical videos duration to an hour. For this purpose in Apple and Android shops there is an IGTV application, but video can be looked also from the usual application of Instagram. Service will be similar to the TV where instead of channels there will be accounts on which users are signed. Any user can create such channel. Experts note that Instagram is ready to open rivalry with YouTube. Корреспондент.net has collected details. IGTV - the new TV Now in Instagram can publish video duration about one minute, and in stories - up to 15 seconds. In September, 2017 Instagram reported about 800 million users a month. This year - one billion active users a month. "It is improbable, we never thought that it will occur", - one of founders of service Kevin Sistrom has said. The social network of Facebook (2,2 billion) has more than one billion users, and a takazha at the Chinese WeChat microblogging service and at video service of YouTube. Introducing IGTV, new app for watching long-form, vertical video from your favorite Instagram creators. — Instagram (@instagram) on June 20, 2018. On the presentation the executive director of Instagram has presented to San Francisco to IGTV - the application which is automatically playing vertical videos by users. Service will be similar to the TV where instead of channels there will be accounts on which users are signed in Instagram. More video is necessary. Facebook becomes new TV "As well as the TV, IGTV will begin to play video at application launch. You won't need to look for anything to begin to watch video by those on whom you are already signed, and others which will be picked up on the basis of your interests", - the press service of Instagram reports. All users will be able to create the channels. Each user will have the channel, as well as in YouTube where his videos will be stored. That who already has Instagram account will receive the channel after updating the application. Restrictions in IGTV Duration will be depends on popularity of the account: video up to 10 minutes long allows to load the application, but with growth of subscribers duration increases to an hour. Still it was possible to publish messages in Instagram only from mobile devices. And now it will be possible to load content from desktop computers into IGTV, at the same time the unique address will be appropriated to him. users can't spread materials of violent, discrimination and hateful contents and also image of a naked body. On the new platform each video will have to get approval of administration before loading. Advertizing in Instagram of B IGTV isn't present advertizing yet, however developers consider the child the ideal place for her. Besides, it is expected that Instagram will build monetization option for authors, вк



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