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Cleaning of dust is unhealthy – scientists

Use of antibacterial means for fight against dust can make them carriers of infections, steady against antibiotics.
the American scientists established that триклозан, contained in cleaners, causes resistance to antibiotics in the microorganisms living in dust writes Lenta.Ru.
Scientists of Northwestern University analysed the dust samples taken on 42 sports constructions where people often touch a floor, mats and shells and also use antimicrobic napkins. It turned out that those tests that contained a large number of a triklozan, had genetic markers of resistance to antibiotics with the similar mechanism of action.
Triklozan in the USA added to means of disinfection till 2017 then it was forbidden to be used by production of antibacterial soap because of potential harm for the endocrine and reproductive system of the person. At the same time триклозан still contains in toothpaste and other personal hygiene means.

On the desert island collected 120 tons of
scrap metal we Will remind, earlier scientists said that the quality of sex depends on cleaning. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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