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Cats love women more – scientists

Women interact with the pets more often and more are tied to them, than men.
of the Woman form more close emotional connection with cats, than men. The Hungarian scientists have come to such conclusion, Applied Animal Behaviour Science reports. Researchers from the Loranda Etvesha University have observed 157 owners and owners of cats and have found out that women interact with the pets more often, than men. They talk to the more often or foreign cats, know what food is necessary for them and what is forbidden and what toys are pleasant to them. Also women smile more often to pets and understand their emotions. The best interaction has been revealed between women and old cats, and the worst – between men and young animals. Scientists set as the purpose to find out whether cats can be the same good partners as dogs – interaction of cats with people is studied worse. According to scientists, at more adult cats it is possible to reveal more distinguishable signs of emotional attachment, and more close connection with women, apparently, arises owing to a bigger empatichnost of the last.

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