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Cathie Bauman. The programmer who showed a black hole

Astrophysicists submitted the first in history photo of a black hole. The graduate student of MIT helped to take place to it. The first photo of a black hole proved the General theory of relativity of Albert Einstein and became an important historical event. The 29-year-old graduate student of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cathie Bauman who developed a special algorithm helped to come true to it. The project on observation of black holes under the name Event Horizon Telescope (The telescope of the horizon of events) was started in 2012. In it is mute about 200 scientists took part. But history of the girl and her powerful contribution to achievement impressed social networks. The tells details. The historical photo of a black hole Still black holes were not photographed. It was supposed that it is directly impossible to watch them. But the ambitious Event Horizon Telescope project united eight the telescope on different continents in one virtual. For five nights of observations four petabytes of data were collected. If in it there was music in MP3 format, then it it should listen to about eight thousand years. The team processed these data two years. Dark side of the Universe. How many Einstein's theory of Ket will live Bauman thought up how to synchronize the telescopes involved in the project and headed group of the developers who created a computer algorithm CHIRP which turned data into the photo, as if made from one telescope of the size of Earth. Using algorithms of processing of images, scientists created three conveyor scenarios thanks to which they managed to receive a uniform picture. When Bauman joined team, she had no idea of black holes. At the Massachusetts institute she studied computer sciences and artificial intelligence. However it did not disturb her as she speaks "to reflect on ways to see and represent things which are invisible". Last year she performed on TED with a lecture how to see black holes. Social networks of Cathie compared to the programmer Margaret Hamilton whose code written in 1969 helped to step the person into the surface of the Moon. Baumen who in recent days had to give already several interview does not allocate herself against the background of other team of scientists and astrophysicists. The following stage of her life begins fall of 2019: the girl was invited to teach in California Institute of Technology. 1969: Margaret Hamilton alongside the code that got us to the moon
2019: Katie Bouman alongside the data that got us to the black hole — Ben Halpern 🤗 (@bendhalpern) April 10, 2019 the First black hole which was seen by mankind became supermassive коллапсар in the far galaxy of Messier 87 which is in the Maiden's congestion. Distance to this black hole - about 50 million light years, or nearly 500 quintillion (500 million trillions) kilometers. In detail about opening and volume why black holes are the strangest objects in the Universe in material the Epoch-making event: the first photo it is black



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