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Case of harassments. Who has accused Steven Seagal

Case of harassments. Who has accused Steven Seagal
For quite some time now the actor has started a diplomatic career - the MFA of Russia appointed him the special representative in the USA. The special group of prosecutor's office Los Angeles has started check of new cases against the actor, and now the special representative the MFA of Russia in the USA, Steven Seagal who is accused of sexual harassments by several women. The special department has a task in more detail to investigate cases of a harassment, to give them an assessment and to define whether it is possible to appeal on their basis to court. Корреспондент.net рассказываетп details. I have told about chemistry and I have undone trousers of the American actor Steven Seagal who in 2016 has obtained the Russian citizenship, not for the first time accuse of sexual harassments. In November, 2017 the wife of the famous American TV host and the comedian Ellen DeGeneres - Porscia De Rossi, - has accused a star of the Hollywood fighters of obscene behavior. From three to lifelong. Weinstein has given up Ellen DeGeneres and Porsci's polices of De Rossi / EPA according to the actress famous according to series Scandal and the Slowed-down development, Seagal in time during listening for a role in the new movie has told her "about importance of chemistry on the screen" and has undone trousers. Russia has left the room. Later the actress Julianna Margulies famous on are popular to series Ambulance and the Good wife, I have accused Seagal of a harassment (harassments in a workplace - an edition). Julianna the actress and the former Playboy model of Jannie McCarthy has told Margulies / EPA at the end of 2017 about harassments from the actor which have happened in 1995 when she was tried for a role in a picture In a siege 2: Territory of darkness. Jannie McCarthy / EPA the Last charge to Seagal has been brought by Regina Simmons who acted in a mass meeting Sohn's action movie of danger of death in 1994 when the beginning actress was 18 years old. She has said about it in January of this year publicly. According to her, Seagal has invited Simmons to himself home to a party on the occasion of the end of shooting, but guests in his house haven't appeared. Regina Simmons Simmons has noted that she has submitted the application to police department of Los Angeles in December of last year together the Favioloy model Dadis which the actor, according to a statement Dadis, coveted in 2002. Segal's press secretary has given the answer only in the matter of McCarthy, having disproved charges. On the others the application of comments from the actor hasn't followed. Work on Putin Steven Seagal has obtained the Russian citizenship on November 3, 2016 the decree of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. In May of this year I was a guest on an inauguration of Putin elected for the fourth term. At the beginning of August of the 2018th Seagal has been appointed to a position of the special representative the MFA of Russia concerning the Russian-American humanitarian communications. As the legendary hero of the movie In a siege has said, "I treat the honor done me very seriously". "Activity of the special representative doesn't provide material remuneration and is aimed at strengthening of direct contacts, mutual understanding and trust between the people of Russia and the USA", - g



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