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Cameraphone of Tecno Pouvoir 2 Pro: the autonomy is checked

Cameraphone of Tecno Pouvoir 2 Pro: the autonomy is checked
The Pouvoir 2 Pro smartphones have been for the first time presented at the Ukrainian market by the Chinese producer Tecno in September, 2018. According to the first users of cameraphones of Tecno Pouvoir 2 Pro, these devices are one of the most effective from the point of view of autonomous work at active loadings. What has interested this smartphone in? In Pouvoir 2 Pro also the combination of the four-nuclear MT6739WA processor which has well proved in practice with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz and 3 GB of random access memory is realized adequate for the class. Pouvoir 2 Pro are delivered from the newest of widely available the Android operating system 8.1 Oreo for today (only Android 9 is newer) and work at base of a company launcher of HiOS of version 3.3. In this cover a number of software solutions for convenience of management and release of system resources is realized. So, the Freezer program installed by default serves for suspension of applications. The built-in optimizer cleans registers from the collecting garbage, accelerates operation of the processor and cools him, saves a charge of the battery and system traffic. For simplification of interaction with system the possibility of management of gestures, removal on the screen of often used programs and fast switching between tasks is provided.
often criticize Mediatek Processors, imputing them delay of operation of the device, but in Pouvoir 2 pro of it isn't noticeable: thanks to high-quality optimization of applications work smooth, it copes with multitasking perfectly, there are neither saggings, nor any delays of a response.
Plus at the choice will become the stated autonomy and the informative screen. That you note at the first use On the forward panel with diagonal 6 inches and a thin side framework has installed the display with the resolution of 1440х720 points realized on the basis of the checked IPS technology which provides exact and natural transfer of colors. What was pleasant in the screen: there is enough permission for the accurate picture and color look naturalistically, there are no obvious distortions. And, of course, thin framework: in specifications it is specified that 81,8% of the forward panel are a screen, and in combination with a fashionable ratio of the parties 18:9 it allow to enjoy really qualitative picture. The Pouvoir 2 Pro accumulator differs with a raised capacity of 5000 мАч while the majority presented at the market – including more energy-requiring – smartphones have the battery to 4000 мАч. The producer has stated an indicator up to 96 business hours, and according to users phone isn't discharged within two days of very active use. In 1 day of normal use (several calls, photos, cards, applications of the taxi, Bluetooth, and also check of Instagram feeds and Facebook) the smartphone has lost about 20% of a charge that is absolutely unusual for the user of Android who has got used to look around at the socket already after a lunch. 13 Megapixels the main and 13 Megapixels frontal cameras provide colourful selfies pictures and also high-quality static and dynamic shooting, including in conditions to vespers



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