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Breakthrough therapy. The depression will be cured a psilocybin

American the authorities legalized use a psychedelia for further researches of therapy of mental disorders. Treatment by a psilocybin has been recognized as "breakthrough therapy" Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines of the U.S. Health Department. Now in the States active agent of hallucinogenic mushrooms can be used legally for further researches of therapy of mental disorders. Корреспондент.net tells details. Legalization a psychedelia for therapy the American authorities have given the status of "breakthrough therapy" (breakthrough therapy) to use for treatment of a depression of active agent of hallucinogenic mushrooms - a psilocybin. It means that now this психоделик can be used legally for further researches of therapy of mental disorders, reports N 1 on October 29. Such status is appointed by Management not to those medical medicines and techniques which have already passed clinical tests and have the status of the latest means deserving special attention, and means permission to use him in active clinical trials. They will receive a priority in further approval of use and acceleration of distribution as medicine. Meanwhile the psilocybin is still included into the list of the forbidden narcotic substances in the USA, however in case scientists manage to prove its efficiency at treatment of a depression and other mental disorders, the status will be revised. In 2016 the American authorities have given permission to large-scale clinical tests of MDMA known as "ecstasy". As legal and effective treatment of mental disorders of "ecstasy" it can be used within the next years. The depression - a widespread disease of the Most widespread psikhichesky disease is a depression. By estimates of WHO, more than 300 million people from all age groups in the world suffer from it. In the United States with a depression about 30 percent of Americans. in Ukraine 6,3 percent of the population have a depression. However it is only official data. Because of the stigmatization which is still quite often accompanying a depression many don't recognize that we are sick and don't address for treatment. However, despite half a century of researches, universal advertizing and improbable sales volumes, antidepressants aren't always effective. They treat a depression so as if it has been caused by a chemical imbalance. The arisen recently competing theory says that mental diseases are caused not so much by a chemical imbalance how many structural changes in a brain - and that the psychological stress is the main reason for these changes. "I really think that the stress leads to mental diseases as cigarettes - to heart troubles", - Gerrard Sanakora, professor of psychiatry Yale University says.

According to this theory, a stress gradually grinds off separate neurons just as heavy rains sharpen a roof. It, in turn, conducts to and



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