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Bonds of Russia become cheaper rates, record for four years

Since April long-term issues of the Russian bonds have depreciated more than for 12%. After them the ruble falls. Bonds of the Government of the Russian Federation become cheaper the maximum rates since 2014 against the background of a collapse in emerging markets, Messages write.

So, on Monday, September 10, the index of state bonds of the Russian Federation has lost another 0,5%. Also the ruble becomes cheaper. The collapse reason the edition calls a new sanctions package from the USA which is prepared in the senate.

Is noted that long-term issues of federal loan bond have depreciated more than for 12% since April, and the loans for a period of 9 years even in the spring costing the Ministry of Finance 7% per annum cost 9,1-9,2% now.

dollar at the Moscow Exchange has overcome Today a boundary of 70 rub and continues to rise in price. For single European currency. give already 81,6 rub. And though sanctions aren't accepted yet, funds actively get rid of the Russian assets. Especially it concerns banks which stocks are under the strongest pressure.

By the way, lose today papers of Sberbank and VTB within 2% and bargain on months-long minima. We will note, new anti-Russian sanctions in the USA plan to accept before elections in November. They assume introduction of restrictive measures against the Russian state banks and new releases of a national debt of the Russian Federation. Meanwhile, in Russia develop the plan of protection against the American sanctions. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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