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Bombs are cancelled. Mars won't become Novaya Zemlya yet

Bombs are cancelled. Mars won't become Novaya Zemlya yet
Scientists lay great hopes on a terraformirovaniye of the Red planet. However "it is impossible so just to drop nuclear bombs on her". Planetologists have found out what to make Mars in the way, suitable for life, the terraformirovaniye is impossible because of the small content of carbon dioxide in the soil and ices of the Red planet in the near future. Thus scientists have rejected the proposal of Elon Musk who wants to throw off nuclear bombs on Mars to melt ice. Корреспондент.net tells details. Terraformirovaniye Mars Terraformirovaniye - hypothetical process of change of the atmosphere and climate on the planet which has to make it suitable for terrestrial flora and fauna is cancelled. One of the main candidates Mars, the second for proximity to Earth the planet is considered. Scientists assume that when he was similar to Earth, with liquid reservoirs, the dense atmosphere and soft climate. Mars has very thin atmosphere and as a result a lack of atmospheric pressure. Any reserves of liquid water for a long time there won't linger on the surface of the planet. Water there or completely will evaporate, or will freeze. And any reproduction. The first colony on Mars Sushchestvuyet several options of a terraformirovaniye of the Red planet. One of them - release in the atmosphere of greenhouse gases thanks to which temperature and pressure will increase so that liquid water will be able to exist on a surface. In a new research Bruce Yakoski from the Colorado and Christopher University Edwards from Northern Arizona University which results were published by the Nature Astronomy magazine have focused on the only thing greenhouse gas, available on Mars, - CO2. They have studied data in 20 years from mars rovers and spacecrafts. It has turned out that there won't be enough carbon dioxide in polar caps and other tanks of Mars for a planet terraformirovaniye. Ice on Mars / NASA "It doesn't mean that the terraformirovaniye in itself is impossible. Just it will be not so easy to make it as many represent now. We won't be able just to take and blow up several nuclear charges over ice caps of the planet and to receive that we want", - Yakoski has told the New Scientist portal. Modern technologies will only allow to treble pressure on the Red planet that isn't enough for creation of comfortable conditions on her surface. According to astrophysicists, for creation of conditions, suitable for mortal life, on Mars pressure needs to be increased to one bar (approximately equal to terrestrial) that is equivalent to 2,5 thousand grams of carbon dioxide on square centimeter of a surface. Today pressure on Mars reaches six millibars. If it is possible to produce all carbon dioxide of Mars in the atmosphere, then pressure will increase up to 40 millibars, scientists have counted. Curiosity of 2000 days on Mars. The main photos Accepting in attention all processes happening on the planet, including "running away" of oxygen of Mars's atmosphere and also modern development of technologies, scientists have come to a conclusion that the mankind will be able to increase atmospheric pressure only to 20 millibars if uses all available istochn



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