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Basketball: Ukraine has sensationally beaten Spain

Basketball: Ukraine has sensationally beaten Spain
Our basketball players have inflicted defeat of the second national team of the world. The men's national team of Ukraine on basketball has got one of the brightest victories in the history, at home having changed Spain. From first minutes the Ukrainian basketball players began to show the serious spirit, reliably playing in protection and is careful in the attack. In the first quarter Spaniards have thrown only four times from a game whereas three-point from Mikhaylyuk allowed Ukraine to keep advantage and to finish the first quarter with 7. At the beginning of the second quarter Ukraine has increased the lead to 11, but at this moment has adjusted a sight the Areola, thanks to three-point which Spain has even evened the score. From this point on the platform I have gone "swing". Thanks to an ending of the third quarter Ukrainians have increased a separation to 5, but it was a little to remain quiet. The key moment has happened in 4 minutes prior to the end of the game when exact hits of Lukashov and Kravtsov's tank have allowed Ukraine to come off on 11 points, and this advantage blue-yellow was lost any more. The most productive Ukraine had Svyatoslav Mikhaylyuk, and here Laziness was not so much блистатен and was more remembered by not realization of penalties (0 C 6). Qualification at World Cup 2019 Ukraine – Spain 76:65 (19:12, 17:22, 20:17, 20:14) Ukraine: Lukashov (11 5 transfers), Mikhaylyuk (22 5 interceptions), Konev (1 2 blocked shot), Zaytsev (3), Len (8 5 selections) – start; Gladyr (4 transfers), Dzheter (6), Bobrov (3 5 selections), Gerun (6), Kobets, Kravtsov (13), Lime (3) Spain: Colom (15 4 transfers), H. Fernández (3), Paulie (11), Aguilar (6), Says (4) – start; Yusta (3), Beyran, I. Diop (5 6 selections), Oriola (4 7 selections), S. Rodriguez (12), Sastre (2) at World Cup 2019 the national team of Ukraine will play the next match of selection on departure against Montenegro on September 17.



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