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Barcelona crushed the MU and came through to the semifinal LCh

Barcelona easily dealt shortly with the rival thanks to Messi's double at home. Barcelona crushed Manchester United in a return match of a quarterfinal of the Champions League and easily came through to the semifinal. Manchester United very powerfully began, trying to score a fast goal. Already on the first minutes Rashford left in private with ter Shtegen, but punched in a crossbeam. Maktominey, Pogba and Marsial had opportunities, but Barcelona beat off. All this was the first 10 minutes for which Barcelona never reached the rival's gate. The first exit in the 11th minute for Barcelona nearly ended with a penalty – Rakitiç fell, the arbitrator reacted, having shown on a 11-meter mark, but having reconsidered a video review cancelled the decision. The MU answered with one more moment of Rashford which from a midfield stretched a ball and made because of limits a free kick in hands to the goalkeeper. And two moments at Messi were farther. In the first he picked up a ball on the flank, forwarded by Fred, corrected under blow and the leading round shot in a far corner stuck a ball into a grid. 4 minutes later already on the opposite flank after Messi's interception took away a ball to itself, it was displaced under blow to the left and made a free kick because of limits. De Hea tried to catch, but passed under himself. Two missed goals became blow for the MU which until the end of a time did not depart. Barcelona did not go to finish the rival, despite appeals of stands too. Only in the compensated time to the first half of Serchi Roberto closed Alba's lumbago, but from two meters punched in de Hea's face. Watch the review of the 1st time of a match Barcelona - Manchester United. The second half resembled one walk more for teams. Only three episodes in 45 minutes are worthy mentions. The first - a goal of Coutinho which amazing blow from a distance punched precisely in the nine. Right after this Messi tried to hammer through itself in falling, but the ball passed by gate. The MU for all time managed to create one moment and that before a final whistle - Sanchez who came for replacement-headed from ten meters "shot" ter Shtegen, but that managed to develop and struck aside blow. Barcelona in a semi-final where to meet the winner of couple Liverpool - Porto. Barcelona - Manchester United 3:0 (the first match — 1:0)
Goals: Messi, 16, 20, Coutinho, 61 Barcelona: ter Shtegen — Roberto (Semedu, 71), Pique, Langle, Alba — Rakitiç, Busquets, Artur (Vidal, 75) — Messi, Suarez, Coutinho (the Demobee, 81) Manchester United: De Hea — Jones, Smalling, Lindelof, Young — Maktominey, Fred, Pogba — Lingard (Sanchez, 80) — Rashford (Lukaku, 73), Marcial (Dalot, 65) Prevention: Suarez



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