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At the ISS will grow up cannabis

At the ISS will grow up cannabis
Scientists intend to find out whether valuable medical plants will be able to adapt to zero gravity conditions. Hemp sprouts will be sent to the International Space Station. The private American company Space Tango intends to send them with one of the following starts of the cargo space ship. It is reported on her website. Researchers suspect that valuable medical plants can change the properties in the conditions of zero gravity. For the purpose of studying of the matter, the rudiments which have sprouted at the ISS will be returned later to Earth. There they will be subjected genetic and to other analyses. In particular, scientists believe that plants will be able to make connections which will allow them to survive in new conditions. The Space Tango company owns six laboratories at the ISS. Several times a year she delivers new objects for experiences there. Earlier it was reported that the crew of the ISS has successfully returned to Earth. One of the astronaut was Russian, two others - Americans. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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