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Asia Argento. The leader #MeToo was accused of seduction

Asia Argento. The leader #MeToo was accused of seduction
The Italian actress has paid 380 thousand dollars to the former partner in the movie Jimmy Bennett. The actress Asia Argento, one of leaders of the movement #MeToo, accused the producer Harvey Weinstein of rape, has gone to the transaction with the minor actor, said that she has inclined him to sexual relations recently. Argento has paid 380 thousand dollars to the former partner in the movie Jimmy Bennett who has said that in 2013 when he was 17 years old, the actress has seduced him in the hotel room. Корреспондент.net tells details. Argento was accused of seduction by the Italian actress and the director Asia Argento last year was among the first women who have publicly accused the producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassments. It became the leading figure in the movement #ЯТоже (#MeToo). But in several months it became known that Argento without excess noise has agreed about the transaction for the sum of 380 thousand dollars with the person who has accused her writes the New York Times. It is about Jimmy Bennett, the young actor and the rock musician. When he was 17 years old, and her 37, according to Bennet, Argento has committed a sexual assault in the hotel room in California. In this state age for an opportunity to agree to the sexual relations 18 years are considered. The statement and the followed arrangement on payment have been recorded in the document between lawyers Argento and Bennett who played children's roles in cinema earlier, and in one movies has acted as her son. As the newspaper writes, documents and also the selfie made on May 9, 2013 in which both of them lie in a bed were at her disposal. According to a part of the concluded agreement with Bennet to whom now 22 years, he has transferred this photo and the rights on her of Argento, which 42 years now. Three persons familiar with this business have confirmed authenticity of documents, NYT writes. In documents it is said that Bennett who still has fascinated by the child Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis and has earned to himself a nickname of Jimmy two - a double because he seldom made mistakes in the text the meeting in 2013 in the hotel room was "the treachery which has accelerated a spiral of his emotional problems". Undesirable consequences of violent acts of sexual nature have turned out so injuring that they began to prevent Bennett's work, receiving income by him and also threatened his mental health, is emphasized in the notice of intention and transfer of business to court. Bennett has requested 3,5 million dollars as compensation of damage for "intended causing emotional pains, loss of income, harassment and insult by action". The actor has earned more than 2,7 million dollars in five years prior to a meeting in 2013 with Argento, however after that his income was reduced, on average, to 60 thousand dollars a year, and he considers the reason of it the trauma got as a result of sexual contact with Argento, the lawyer has noted in the letter him. Argento which is divorced and is mother of two children was for Bennett at the same time and us



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