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As Trade-In for the old smartphone and why it is convenient and favorable works

We tell about how it is possible to save money and time upon purchase of the new gadget on the example of the Citrus Exchange service. What to do with the old gadget upon purchase of new? To present to relatives or to sell on the Internet? How to be protected from risks, to receive the fair price and to spend time minimum? Actually all this can be made easily, quickly and safely. Thousands of Ukrainians already so do, buying the equipment according to the scheme trade-in. What is trade-in In Europe and especially the service at which it is possible to receive an essential purchase discount on new goods is widespread in the USA if to leave to the dealer old. Whether at the same time does not matter the old goods exactly here were bought. All win in such scheme: the buyer receives new item cheaper, than it costs. The problem with that as to whom and for how many to sell goods, without risk to face swindlers is solved. Time is saved — the transaction is made directly on the place and does not take a lot of time. Instead of communication with intermediaries and use of Internet platforms everything can be issued directly before purchase of the new equipment. Benefits from this transaction and shop whose business consists on sale of similar goods and understanding of needs of the buyers who are looking for an opportunity to save. Sale of the items received by shop according to the program of exchange allows to attract new audience of buyers who will not buy goods for its overall cost. As the Citrus Exchange works the Citrus became the first retail network of electronics, implemented the program of exchange which received the simple and clear name — the Citrus Exchange. She allows to estimate the old device (it can be phone, the smartphone, the tablet or MacBook) directly on the place. And to receive a purchase discount on new goods for the sum received as a result of estimation of cost of the old gadget. The most important evaluation criteria influencing the price are: • technical condition and appearance of the
gadget • complete set and existence of a signature box
• technical characteristics and program part
• the term of operation of the device The better all these parameters look — the more there will be a discount for the new device. In the Citrus it can reach 90%. At the same time for exchange even the devices having mechanical damages which are not subject to warranty repair are accepted. Estimated cost of the device for exchange can be learned on the special page in advance. Where it is necessary to choose the gadget which is planned to purchase, to specify device model for exchange and to select items characterizing technical condition of the gadget in the offered questionnaire. In practice it is possible to receive the price not below at all, than at sale on Internet platforms. At the same time both time, and nerves as a result of communication with unfair buyers from whom nobody is insured on the Internet is saved. What happens to the old equipment for exchange Depending on the gadget and its state, it goes at first to the service center, and then or is under repair and goes on sale in the Pin shop selling the equipment which was in the use (exchange gadgets никогд



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