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Among dolphins there are hipsters – scientists

The research showed that the black dolphins (гринд) living at the coast of the Hawaiian Islands have different dialects.
black dolphins have different dialects. Came to such conclusion ученыеиз the American Oceanographic institute Woods-Houl, Daily Mail reports. According to researchers, in each subgroup of black dolphins there is the special dialect which divides animals into separate communities. Individuals from groups with various dialects avoid meetings with each other. According to scientists, the similar behavior is similar to communication between hipsters and the yuppie.

"It as though studied at one school hipsters and the yuppie, each group had slang", – one of authors of a research of Amy Van Ceese tells. Let's remind, in November in New Zealand dozens of dolphins ran aground. In March on the southwest coast of Australia about 150 dolphins ran aground. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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