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Alexey Durnev: Now everyone can play with me on PokerMatch

Alexey Durnev: Now everyone can play with me on PokerMatch
Recently popular TV host and the showman became media амбассадором to PokerMatch. In the new status Alexey has told about the plans, poker ambitions and about that against whom he would like to battle in Las Vegas. - Lyosha, you and poker! What the general at you with this game? - I since the childhood very much love mathematics. Quickly enough and with pleasure I do mental arithmetic. Poker — an ideal game for such qualities. - What can you brag in live tournaments or online of? Has won already one million? - I won a tournament among representatives of the Ukrainian media, then several times won on small tournaments among the press, but already international. And one million still ahead (smiles). - Now you media амбасcадор PokerMatch. In what do you see the mission? - I want to tell the audience about what is an interesting and intellectual game. - Whether the audience should wait for some new program with you in the new status? Perhaps, "Durnev poker"? - Of course! We have started the Durnev Spoils Everything project. In fact, this continuation "Durnev 1". In each program the special code by means of which the audience will be able to rush on a tournament with me will be sewed (smiles). - Not so long ago you cheerfully communicated with poker stars Daniel Negreanu, Ivan Demidov … Do you have some poker sympathies? - Olga Ermolcheva! (smiles) - And with which of world celebrities, live or already not, you would like to play at a poker table? - It would be excellent to remain in the final of the largest tournament in Las Vegas with Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. - Many pokerist have favourite hands. At you, probably, it is an ace lady (HELL — Alexey Durnev)? - I love joint stock company. (smiles) - Tell whether yours is similar style of play to what you in life? For example, whether you like to bluff, go on some desperate acts? - Very much everything depends on mood. Sometimes I like to play aggressively and to bluff, and sometimes — measuredly and to prudently play each hand. - How you consider as far as in poker the skill and as far as luck is important? - I think, the luck is percent 20 from success. - Whether we will see Alexey Durnev in a game on PokerMatch? - Yes, I constantly play under durnev nickname there. Read also: The popular showman Alexey Durnev became media амбассадором to PokerMatch



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