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After drunk sviristel of residents of Moscow ask not to touch the sleeping hedgehogs

Muscovites urge not to awake the sleeping hedgehogs and not to bring them home as animals can die.
Ecologists ask residents of the Russian capital to concern more carefully hedgehogs – not to awake and not to bring animals home. Hedgehogs fall into hibernation and from it can die from a premature exit, the Russian media report.
the Methodologist of the first category of Mospriroda Anna Sorokina urged owners of dogs to hold the pets on a lead that they did not wake hedgehogs.
"It (a hedgehog – an edition) will wake up, will be frightened and will not be able to fall asleep at once and as in the winter there is no food, he can die", – the ecologist noted.
Besides, Muscovites ask not to take away forest animals home – it can become for hedgehogs an additional stress and will anger them. Also the expert disproved the myth about addiction of hedgehogs to milk and advised to treat them with meat as hedgehogs are predators.

In Scotland saved the hedgehog inflated as we Will remind a sphere
, earlier Moscow was flooded by drunk sviristel – birds put up fights and lay intoxicated directly under trees. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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